From enriching your CRM data, attracting high quality leads or providing a novel information service, our easy to use API could provide the solution you need.

Lead Generation

Your clients #1 question is often “how much can we borrow?”

Create simple realtime calculators in your website to boost customer confidence and improve conversion


Demonstrate your consideration for affordability in your advice

Save PDF reports automatically from customer fact finds so you have a clear audit trail

Competitor Analysis

Understand lender competitors position on affordability

Build a realtime dashboard to display the data you need and to spot opportunities and underserved niches


Enrich Customer Relationship Manager or Factfind data automatically

Display max loan amounts, affordability calculator snapshots or a pre-formatted PDF’s effortlessly

Comparisson Websites

Assure customers their position is viable whilst they browse

Stand out from the crowd with real time and accurate calculations and improve lead conversion rates

New Business

Check leads for viability as they come into your team

Improve conversion rates for leads generated through PPC and ensure your team react to the best leads first

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